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Determining the Properties and Purity of Water

Fact file: Description of Pure Water

“Water is described as a colourless, transparent and odourless liquid, but that is only partially right”.

Instead, pure water is bluish due to its super transparency at around 417 to 420nm and absorbing photons of all other wavelengths longer or shorter. Its reactance with just about everything, even the atmosphere ensures that it is never completely pure, forming compounds and other molecular formations. It is also not stable, breaking and making Hydrogen bonding on timescales between 10-15 t0 10-18 seconds. Water is considered a dielectric and insulator with an almost infinite resistance, depending on its purity. In reality water dos not conduct electrical current except for the hydrated electrons separated from the water molecules when hydrogen Plus (H+) is formed during the breakdowns. Water consists of 2 parts of Hydrogen and one part of Oxygen (H2O). Both elements are gasses in their separate states. This occurs at 1.23 volt DC, the equilibrium voltage of water and as a condition known as decomposition of water into hydrogen and Oxygen gas

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Water Purity Testing Concerns – A letter

Whilst drafting a paper on water testing at the request of a publisher, I checked out the electro-physics concepts of Conductance and Conductivity.

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A valid argument against the use of ac based digital conductivity

Experimental research shows that there is too much reliance placed on the measurements provided by conductance meters.

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Facts related to the Chemistry of Physics associated

Water is also the great pretender, posing as an enormously high resistance and opposing any electric current in one instance and as an almost total conductor the next.

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