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Electro-photochemistry, Colloid and Interfacial Science

Fact file: Definition of a Colloid/Colloidal

A homogenous substance dispersed in a second substance or medium. It consists of homogeneous non-crystalline material of large molecules of gels and emulsions or particles, which do not settle out and cannot be separated, filtered or by centrifuging like a suspension would.
A substance that consists of particles dispersed in an aqueous medium and too small to be resolved below 1 micron (1,000nm).

Examples are: toothpaste, milk and smoke (in the air)
Colloidal silver is not a colloid but instead very small atomic clusters (sized below 100nm) in a watery electrical suspension (Zeta potential, an Interfacial charge). Also the clusters are not dispersed particles either unless it relates to finely pulverised metallic silver, which is not a colloid.

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Colloidal Nano Silver-Its Production Method

The past 80 years has seen a plethora of different methods used to produce pretend colloidal silver that more often than not, consists mainly of ionic silver and other chemicals.

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When a Particle is really a Cluster

Little headway has been made for the past eighty years, but with the rise of infectious diseases immune to most of our arsenal of antibiotics.

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Nano Silver, the need for an International Standard

The most recent revival of so­‐called colloidal silver, now known in the abbreviate form as nano silver, was in the 1930-­1940s.

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Nano technology extending into the Pico and quantum realm

Due to ignorance as to what exactly constitutes REAL colloidal silver and the absence of some Standard and highly inaccurate descriptions,

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I am an independent science researcher in the realm of Quantum physics in “nanometer sixed atomic silver clusters in an aqueous electrical suspension”, more popularly known as, ”Nano Colloidal Silver”.

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