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Hans Laroo - Independent Science Researcher

I was born in Amsterdam and immigrated to Australia in 1951. I have always been interested in Science and technology and in particular in hands-on electronics and optics. I started out as an apprentice optical mechanic and for many years worked as a Senior Investigator and a photo-journalist, editor and publisher of a security magazine.


Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is used to quantify the amount of ionic matter (electrical charge carriers)
which is measured by a conductance meter in milli and micro Siemen,. A non-linear flaw in itself.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) a way by means of a conductance meter to quantify Ionic content (ionic electrical charge carriers) : atoms that have lost an electron (positively charged cation) or carrying an extra electron (negatively charged anion). The description ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ is scientific nonsense as it could not be ’totally dissolved in water’ and a ‘solid’ at the same time. Ions are incomplete or over-complete atomic structures and cannot be observed, only electrically measured on current flow. Anything else In the water, such as debris, organic and inorganic solids as well as neutral metals are mainly hydrophobic (water hating) and immersed and not dissolved.


This site is dedicated to the advancement of Interfacial Science as it applies to silver in its form as nanometre sized atomic silver clusters in an electrical suspension and to the work of the eminent scientist Michael Faraday who started it all in the 1800s.

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Who is Hans Laroo?

I am an independent science researcher in the realm of Quantum physics in “nanometer sixed atomic silver clusters in an aqueous electrical suspension”, more popularly known as, ”Nano Colloidal Silver”. Although deprived of a formal academic education.

I can be considered as an accidental and volunteer scientist who has nevertheless made more headway into the science of ‘colloidal silver’ in eight years, than academics have accomplished in the last Eighty years. What I have rediscovered is the fact that ionic silver can only be neutralized into a colloidal like substance by violet light and nothing else.

"Dutch Einstein" makes stunning silver discovery

IF NECESSITY is the mother of invention then it is no surprise that this 78-year-old from One Mile has turned his talents to solving problems.

Hans Laroo knows what the word struggle means - having survived extreme malnourishment during the Second-World-War in his native Holland.

He arrived in Australia as a gaunt teenager in 1951 and has since become a proud Aussie citizen - who just happens to have taken an interest in a thing called colloidal silver.

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Hans Laroo Mission

My Mission is multi-faceted

To establish nanometer sized neutral atomic silver in water as a credible instrument for destroying dangerous pathogens causing infections and in particular those classed as biofilm protected bacterial colonies also known as “Super Bugs” for which I will not claim any intellectual property rights.

To establish an International Standard for a high grade “Colloidal Silver” containing only nanometer sized atomic silver clusters of a size no larger than 10 nano meter and a narrow distribution not exceeding a range of 10 nanometer.

To design and construct affordable nano silver production equipment as well as equally affordable and appropriate testing instrument prototypes in order to establish all of the important characteristics of the ‘Colloidal Silver” such as cluster (particle) size, Zeta potential and concentration.

To set up an experimental testing station for the promotion of further research by myself and others.

To write technical/scientific papers on all aspects of the research stated aforementioned.

Research Areas


Electro-photochemistry, Colloidal and Interfacial Science

A substance that consists of particles dispersed in an aqueous medium and too small to be resolved below 1 micron (1,000nm).

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Determining the properties and the purity of water

Determining the exact properties of water, including its purity and/or contamination and suitability for its purpose.

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Optical and Electronic effects and testing

Presently, so-called colloidal silver as a legitimate biocide is like a ‘dead duck in the water’.

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Instrumentation and Equipment

Probe deeper into the areas of the ‘hydrated electrons’, local plasmon resonances (LPR) and the expected ‘blue shifting’ of these photo-optical phenomena.

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Laboratory Reports and Clinical Trials

Most clinical trials are of the ‘In Vitro’ type and relate to tests in a petri dish, the ‘In Vivo’ variety is more complex as it involves bring the medicine inside the body and is well regulated by authorities.

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The Escalating Incidence of Late Onset of Diabetes II

Metabolic disturbances and malfunction may start at birth or not bother a person for their entire life.

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Under normal circumstances, we are born with two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs and a number of other physical parts of our body, all in pairs.

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The Fragile and Flawed Existence of Questionable Water Purity

With a constantly escalating and increasing knowledge in both Science and Technology of today, even embracing the World of the Quantum.

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Irrational Human Behaviour. What is to Blame: Our Brain or the Mind?

Dedicated to those who are a victim of their own erroneous perceptions and anxieties that seem too difficult to understand and deal with.

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What is this substance called “COLLOIDAL SILVER”? Part 1

The answer to these questions is both complex and simple, but for the confusion created by ignorance what is and what is not colloidal silver.

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What is this substance called “COLLOIDAL SILVER”? Part 2

From a technical and scientific perspective as well as common sense, anything that is simple and containing but few components, is bound to be more reliable.

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Dietary Supplement Silver Nanoparticles

Silver is a very well known metal. One would be hard pressed to find someone who did not know something about silver.

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The Antibiotic Pot Calling The Silver Kettle Black

There is presently no convincing evidence to suggest that nano sized colloidal silver is a serious threat to the environment.

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I am an independent science researcher in the realm of Quantum physics in “nanometer sixed atomic silver clusters in an aqueous electrical suspension”, more popularly known as, ”Nano Colloidal Silver”.

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